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Jim Londos


Name: - Jim Londos

Height: - 5'8” (173cm)

Weight: - 200lb (91kg)

Born: - 2 January, 1897

From: - Argos, Greece

Debut: - 1917

Retired: - 1959

Died: - 19 August, 1975 (heart attack)

Finishers: - Boston crab, Armbar

Also known as: - “The Wrestling Plasterer” Christopher Theophelus


Toured Australia: - 1946, 1959


An alltime great.

Migrated to US in his teens. Worked for a circus troupe before getting into wrestling. Won several 'world' titles around the US during the 30s. Continued to be billed as world champion until his retirement. Was due to visit Australia in 1939, but the onset of the war caused him to abandon the trip. Finally visited in 1946, wrestling Seelie Samara in a memorable match in Sydney.

Effectivley retired in 1950, but still took bookings a few times a year until his final visit to Australia in 1959, when he wrestled ex-boxing champion Primo Carnera in January.

Considered to be a national hero in Greece.


Titles held: - NWA(ssociation) World Hwt, NYSAC World Hwt (2), (Minneapolis) World Hwt (2), (Maryland) World Hwt (2), (LA) World Hwt (3), NBA World Hwt

Jim Londos v Bronko Nagurski, Philadelphia 1938

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling, Puroresu
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