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Hito Tojo


Name: - Hito Tojo

Height: - 5'10” (178cm)

Weight: - 240lb (110kg)

Born: - 8 September, 1948

From: - Nobeoka, Japan

Debut: - 31 September, 1964

Retired: - 7 September, 1998

Finisher: - Thrust kick

Also known as: - The Great Kabuki, Mr. Hito, Rising Sun #1, Yoshino Sato, Akahisa Takachio, Akahisa Mera


Toured Australia: - 1973, 1974


Debuted in JWA aged 16. Was brought to Australia in 1973 as part of Big Bad John's army, teaming with his 'brother', Hiro. Defeated Mark Lewin and Spiros Arion for the Austro-Asian tag titles, before dropping them to Ron Miller and Larry O'Day in 1974.

Began wrestling as “The Great Kabuki” in Texas in the late 70s. He was managed by Playboy Gary Hart, and was characterised by wearing face paint and blowing green mist. Teamed with Keiji Mutoh in the late 80s, wrestling under masks as “The Rising Suns”, and was later billed as Mutoh's father.

Competed in “Royal Rumble” in 1994. Spent his last years wrestling in Japan, co-creating SWS as well as wrestling for IWA, NJWA and AJWA.


Titles held: - American Hwt, United National Hwt, Louisiana Hwt, NWA TV, Beat the Champ TV, NWA Brass Knuckles (Texas), (2), Mid-America Hwt, Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Hiro Tojo), NWA World Tag (Texas), (w/ Chang Chung), NWA US Tag (2, w/ Masanori Saito), Florida Tag (2, w/ Masanori Saito), Western States Tag (w/ Ricky Romero), Central States Tag (2, w/ Pak Song, w/ Killer Karl Kox), All-Japan Unified World Tag (w. Jumbo Tsuruta), All-Asia Tag (w/ Hiro Tojo)

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Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: talkwrestlingonline