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Hiro Tojo / The Great Tojo


Name: - Great Tojo

Born: - 1 May, 1947

From: - Japan

Trained by: - Karl Gotch

Debut: - 1971

Retired: - 1977

Died: - 12 October, 2004 (Leukaemia)

Finisher: - Torture rack

Also known as: - Hiro Tojo, Samson Katsuwada, Ultra Tiger Mask, The Great Katsuwada


Toured Australia: - 1973, 1974, 1976


A member of Big Bad John's Army. Wrestled early in his career in South Korea as 'Ultra Tiger Mask'. Came to Australia in 1973 and teamed with Waldo von Erich to win the Austro-Asian Tag titles from Ron Miller and Larry O'Day. Later in the year, teamed with his 'storyline' brother, Hito, to defeat Mark Lewin and Spiros Arion for the belts.

Returned as a singles wrestler in 1976 and challenged Ron Miller (unsuccessfully) for the Austro-Asian Hwt title. Returned to Japan and once again teamed with Hito (as Samson Katsuwada and Takachio) to win the All-Asia Tag titles. Retired in 1977.

Was cast in Australia as the stereotype Japanese heel, with 'ceremonial salt' used in their pre-match warm-up stashed in the tights, and generally playing on lingering feeling after WW2.


Titles held: - Austro-Asian Tag (3, w/ Waldo von Erich, w/ Hito Tojo, w/ Les Roberts), All-Asia Tag (w/ Takachio)

Hiro Tojo & Hito Tojo v Mark Lewin & Spiros Arion, WCW 1973


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Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Onlineworldofwrestling,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Professional Wrestling, Puroresu
Photo credit: Onlineworldofwrestling, wrestlingtalkonline

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