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Murphy The Magnificent / Murphy The Surfie


Name: - Murphy the Magnificent

Height: - 6'0” (183cm)

Weight: - 242lb (110kg)

Born: - 1936

From: - Sydney, Australia

Trained by: - Al Morgan

Debut: - 1960

Retired:- c.1985

Died: - 2019 (cancer)

Also known as: - Maurice LaRue, Murphy the Magnificent, Norman Frederick Charles III, Wild Red Berry


Wrestled around the clubs in Sydney before first appearing for WCW as “Murphy the Surfie” in 1966,. Became “Murphy the Magnificent” in 1969, using a gimmick largely based on Gorgeous George. Was successful around the Sydney club scene, and used as lower mid-card in WCW.

Traveled to US in 1971 with Johnny Boyd. Wrestled as “Norman Frederick Charles III”, and formed “The Royal Kangaroos” with Boyd. Had great success in PNW and Stampede, Were one of the most successful tag teams in US until their split in 1977. Charles returned to Stampede, then wrestled around Alabama till his retirement.


Titles held: - Alabama Hwt, US Jr. Hwt, (Stampede) British Commonwealth Mid-Hwt, Australasian Lt Hwt, (SF) NWA World Tag (w/ Lord Jonathan Boyd), Pacific Northwest Tag (5, w/ Lord Jonathan Boyd), Stampede International Tag (3, w/ Cuban Assassin [2], w/ Lord Jonathan Boyd)

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling, Gary Will & Royal Duncan's Wrestling Title Histories
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