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Don Fargo


Name: - Don “The Hog” Fargo

Born: - 3 October, 1930

From: - Germany

Debut: - c. 1952

Retired: - c. 1982

Died: - Nov 8, 2015 (cancer)

Also known as: - Don Stevens, Don Juan the Magnificent, Jack Dalton, Jack Dillinger, Don “Fonz” Fargo, Pvt. Don Fargo, Don "The Hog" Fargo


Toured Australia: - 1973


Made his name early in his career as Ray Stevens' 'brother' in Ohio. Moved to New York in 1957 and teamed with Jackie Fargo as his 'brother'. They ventured to Tennessee for a few years before splitting. Became 'Jack Dalton' and teamed with Jim Dalton in Texas as 'The Dirty Daltons'.

Reunited with Jackie Fargo in Georgia in 1964 for a successful run. Re-teamed with Dalton in Louisiana, but they split and Don brought in another 'brother', Frank. Jack and Frank became known as “Hell's Angels”. Went to Bruiser's WWA in Indiana in 1968, wrestling as Jack Dillinger, teaming with Frank Dillinger (actually his former manager, Kenny Mack), and being known as the “Chain Gang”. They got involved in a barroom brawl in 1969, with Frank being shot in the leg and retiring. Jack returned to WWA wrestling, this time teaming with Jim Dillinger (Chris Colt).

Became 'Don Fargo' again and returned to the Gulf Coast before joining the newly-formed NWF in upstate New York in 1972. Teamed with 'Johnny Fargo' (Greg Valentine) to win the NWF World tag titles. Came to Australia in 1973 as part of Big Bad John's Army, as well as wrestling in the Funks' Amarillo promotion. Returned to WWA in 1974 to team with Sgt Jacques Goulet, before splitting in 1975. Spent the remainder of his career in Tennessee and Gulf Coast.


Titles held: - AWA Southern Hwt (2), Mid-America Hwt, Gulf Coast Hwt (3), Texas Hwt (as Jack Dalton), Georgia Hwt, Louisiana Hwt (3, as Jack Dalton), Mississippi Hwt, NWA World Brass Knuckles, Gulf Coast Brass Knuckles (2), Tri-State Brass Knuckles, Texas Brass Knuckles (as Jack Dalton), (Texas) NWA World Tag (w/ Jackie Fargo), (Tennessee) NWA World Tag (6, w/ Jackie Fargo), (Texas) NWA World Tag (3, w/ Jim Dalton), (New York) NWA World Tag (w/ Jackie Fargo), (Chicgo) NWA World Tag (w/ Jackie Fargo), WWA World Tag (3, w/ Frank Dillinger, w/ Jim Dillinger, w/ Sgt Jacques Goulet), NWF World Tag (2, w/ Johnny Fargo), Mid-America Tag (w/ Robert Gibson), American Tag (w/ Ray Stevens), Ohio Tag (w/ Ray Stevens), Texas Tag (w/ Jim Dalton), Pacific Northwest Tag (w/ Jim Dalton), Mid-America Southern Tag (w/ Jackie Fargo), NWA US Tag (5, w/ Frank Dalton [4], w/ Jim Dalton), Mississippi Tag (w/ Rip Tyler), Western States Tag (2, w/ Johnny Fargo, w/ Hank James)

Don Fargo, Abdullah, Big Bad John & Waldo von Erich v Mark Lewin, Spiros Arion, King Curtis & Wadi Ayoub, World Championship Wrestlng 1973

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, onlineworldofwrestling
Photo credit: Myspace