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Allan Pinfold


Name: - Allan Pinfold

Born: - 1929

From: - Sydney, NSW

Debut: - 1945

Retired: - 1975


Began training as a weightlifter, but quickly learned wrestling techniques. Debuted aged 16, wrestling “Chesty Bond”. Was based in Sydney, but wrestled around Australia, as well as touring India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1953.

Had several stints with the Australian Light Hwt title between 1950 and 1974. Forfeited the title in 1953 to tour India, and lost the title in 1974 to Ken Medlin. Was used as mainly lower mid-card by Jim Barnett, and became a referee for several years after his retirement.


Titles held: - Australian Light Hwt (3), Australian Tag (w/ Allen Sherry)

Allan Pinfold v Mark Lewin, World Championship Wrestling 1967

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, National Library of Australia, Gary Will & Royal Duncan's 100 Years of Australiian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: onlineworldofwrestling