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Swede Hanson


Name: - Swede Hanson

Height: - 6'5 (196cm)

Weight: - 300lb (140kg)

Born: - 27 March, 1933

From: - East Orange, New Jersey

Trained by: - George Tragos

Debut: - 1957

Retired: - 1986

Died: - 19 February, 2002 (sepsis)

Finisher: - Reverse neckbreaker


Toured Australia: - 1970


Formed one of the alltime great tag teams with Rip Hawk. Debuted in 1957, wrestling Miguel Torres in Paterson, NJ. After a couple of years in Capitol wrestling, moved to the Carolinas where he began teaming with Rip Hawk. The two traveled all over the world, coming to Australia in 1970 for a run with the IWA World Tag belts, until Hanson suffered a heart attack in 1971.

Returned to wrestling several months later, initially teaming with Super Destroyer, then becoming a fan favourite and teaming with Tiger Conway Jr. Feuded with Hawk and Ric Flair in Mid-Atlantic. Traveled to Texas where Hawk and Hanson again teamed succesfully. Ventured to Quebec in the early 80s to have success in tag competition there, this time with The Hangman. Spent his final years before retirement wrestling in WWF as a lower mid-carder.


Titles held: - IWA World Tag (w/ Rip Hawk), (Florida) NWA World Tag (w/ Rip Hawk), Southern Tag (w/ Rip Hawk), Atlantic Coast Tag (4, w/ Rip Hawk), Western States Tag (3, w/ Rip Hawk), International Tag (w/ The Hangman)

Credits: - Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia