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Murray Weideman


Name: - Murray Weideman

Height: - 187cm (6' 5)

Weight: - 96kg (211 lb)

From: - Melbourne, Victoria

Born: - 16 Feb, 1936

Debut: - 1962

Retired: - 1963



A representative Australian Rules Football player, Weideman was recovering from injury when he made his in-ring debut for Gardiner Promotions in Melbourne. Appeared mainly as a tag partner of Salvatore Savoldi against Butcher Vachon, Dale Lewis etc.

Wrestled a few matches in Sydney as well, but was used as an attraction for Collingwood supporters in Melbourne. Retired from both wrestling and football in 1963, later becoming a football coach.



Credits Wrestling Classics, Wikipedia, Mark Dalgleish

Photo - optusnet