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Butcher Vachon


Name: - Butcher Vachon

Height: - 6'2” (188cm)

Weight: - 280lb (130kg)

Born: - 14 May, 1938

From: - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Trained by: - Mad Dog Vachon

Debut: - 1958

Retired: - 1984

Also known as: - Paul Vachon, Nikita Zolotoff


Toured Australia: - 1962


Longtime tag partner of brother Mad Dog Vachon. Toured as a team throughout US and Canada during the 50s and 60s, winning the AWA World Tag title. Also formed a successful team with Stan Vachon in the mid 60s in Georgia.

Wrestled in Australia in 1962, appearing in a programme with Murray Weideman and Salvatore Savoldi. Was a regular tag partner of Dale Lewis while here. Appeared in England during late 1964.

Wrestled in Los Angeles in the 70s, appearing solo as well as teaming with Chavo Guerrero. Signed with WWF in the early 80s, appearing mainly 'talent enhancement' on TV shows before retiring in 1984. Has been troubled by cancer and diabetes in his retirement years, and has also run for public office on several occasions.

Brother of Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon and and Diane “Vivian” Vachon, as well as the adoptive father of Gertrude “Luna” Vachon.


Titles held: - ETWA Hwt, AWA World Tag (w/ Mad Dog Vachon), (Georgia) NWA World Tag (w/ Mad Dog Vachon), (Stampede) NWA International Tag (3, w/ Mad Dog Vachon), (Stampede) Canadian Tag (3, w/ Mad Dog Vachon), NWA Southern Tag (6, [3 w/ Stan Vachon, 2 w/ Louis Tillet, 1 w/ Mad Dog Vachon]), Texas Tag (2, w/ Mad Dog Vachon, w/ Ivan the Terrible), Americas Tag (w/ Chavo Guerrero), Georgia Tag (w/ Stan Vachon), Hawaiian Tag (w/ Hardboiled Haggarty), Midwest Tag (w/ Mad Dog Vachon)

Butcher Vachon v Bob Backlund, WWF 1984

Credits – Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Lib Ayoub's “100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling”

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