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Adrian Adonis


 Name:- Adrian Adonis

Height: - 6'1” (185cm)

Weight: - 338lb (153kg)

Born: - September 15, 1954

From: - Buffalo, New York

Trained by: - Fred Atkins

Debut: - 1974

Died: - July 4, 1988 (car accident)

Finisher: - Goodnight Irene (Sleeper hold), DDT

Also known as: - Keith Franke, Killer Keith Franks, Adorable Adrian Adonis


Toured Australia: - 1985


Began wrestling in Canada before making his name in Los Angeles, wrestling as Killer Keith Franks and winning the Americas title. Ventured to AWA in 1978, and teamed with Jesse Ventura. Were awarded the AWA World Tag titles on July 20, 1980, when champions Verne Gagne and Mad Dog Vachon lost by forfeit. Held the belts until June 14, 1981, when they lost them to Greg Gane and Jim Brunzell.

Had a brief run in WWF before going to Texas. Wrestled for Southwest Championship Wrestling in San Antonio, and won a tournament in Houston on May 26, 1983, to become the first SCW Undisputed World Hwt champion (defeating Dick Murdoch in the final). Defected to WWF later that year, abandoning the title.

Won the WWF World Tag titles with Murdoch on April 17, 1984, defeating Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas. Held the belts until January 21, 1985, dropping them to Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo. Late in 1985, was one of the members of the first WWF tour to Australia. Wrestled SD Jones and Junkyard Dog on the tour.

Returned to US and took Bobby Heenan as manager. As he put on weight, his gimmick changed and he became ”Adorable Adrian Adonis”, complete with Jimmy Hart as manager. Hosted the talk segment ”The Flower Shop” on WWF TV shows. Feuded with Roddy Piper, which culminated in losing to Piper at Wrestlemania III. Returned to AWA in 1987. Was killed in a car accident in Newfoundland, Canada on July 4, 1988.


Titles held: - SCW World Hwt, Americas Hwt, Southwest Hwt, WWF World Tag (w/ Dick Murdoch), AWA World Tag (w/ Jesse Ventura), Americas Tag (2, w/ Black Gordman, w/ Roddy Piper), Pacific Northwest Tag (w/ Ron Starr)

Adrian Adonis v Rick McGraw, WWF 1985



Credits – Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, imageevent