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Les Thornton

Name: - Les Thornton

Height: - 5'9" (179cm)

Weight: - 225lb (102kg)

Born: - April 9, 1934

From: - Manchester, England

Debut: - 1957

Retired: - 1990

Died: - February 1, 2019

Also known as: - Henri Pierlot

Toured Australia: - 1974, 1978, 1985

Was one of the most stylish scientific wrestlers of his era.Began wrestling in 1957 after leaving the British Navy. Adopted the name "Henri Pierlot" to attract attention on northern English wrestling cards. Became a big name in Europe during the 60s before reverting to his real name and traveling to Japan in 1971. 

Wrestled as both face and heel during his career, being a convincing heel despite his relatively small size and technical ability. Toured Canada in 1971, defeating Abdullah the Butcher for the Canadian-based North American title. Toured US through the 70s, also making trips to Australia and New Zealand in 1974 and 1978. Was a 4-time holder of the NWA World Juniorhwt title, swapping it with Terry Taylor and Gerry Brisco. Was briefly recognised as WWF World Juniorhwt champion after the Georgia promotion he was wrestling in was bought by Vince McMahon. Toured Australia with the first WWF tour in 1985. Formed the Canadian Independent Wrestling Federation in the late 80s before retiring in 1990.

Titles held: - NWA World JrHwt (4), WWF World JrHwt, Americas Hwt, (Stampede) North American Hwt (2), (NZ) British Commonwealth Hwt, WWC World JrHwt, Florida Jr Hwt, MASW National Hwt, (Stampede) British Commonwealth Mid-Hwt, Georgia Tag (w/ Tony Charles), Texas Tag (w/ Tony Charles), Pacific Northwest Tag (w/ Moondog Mayne)

Les Thornton v Tony Charles, Alabama 1982


Credits - Mark Dalgleish, Wrestling Heritage