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Kinji Shibuya

Name: - Kinji Shibuya

Born: - May 16, 1921

From: - Utah, USA

Debut: - 1952

Retired: - 1976

Died: - May 3, 2010

Toured Australia: - 1970

Born in Utah to Japanese parents. Began wrestling in 1952 as a face, but soon realised that anti-Japanese sentiment after WWII could be beneficial to success and became a heel. Teamed off and on throughout his career with his "cousin" Mitsu Arakawa. Toured USA and Canada, but based himself around the San Francisco area. Was a top star in San Francisco and Los Angeles, winning the SF version of the US title 3 times, and the LA-based Americas Tag title 5 times. Toured Australia in 1970, teaming with Mitsu Arakawa, winning the IWA World Tag titles in January before losing them to Dominic de Nucci and Bobo Brazil in February.

Retired in 1976, taking on some TV and movie roles, including the TV series "Kung Fu" with David Carradine.

Titles held: - (SF) US Hwt (3), Americas Hwt, Central States Hwt, Pacific Coast Hwt, (Amarillo) North American Hwt, (Aust) IWA World Tag (w/ Mitsu Arakawa), (SF) NWA World Tag (3, w/ Masa Saito [2], w/ Great Mephisto), (Minn) NWA World Tag (w/ Mitsu Arakawa), Americas Tag (5, w/ Masa Saito [3], w/ Goliath, w/ Killer Kowalski)Southern Tag (2, w/ Mr Moto), Canadian Tag (4, w/ Mitsu Arakawa, w/ Sweet Daddy Siki, w/ Don Leo Jonathan, w/ John Quinn), Texas Tag (w/ Duke Keomuka)