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Earl Black

N0ame: - Earl Black

Height : - 6' 2" (185cm)

Weight : - 245lb (111kg)

Born: - July 29, 1943

From: - Sheffield, England

Trained by: - Steve Rickard, Joe Komene

Debut : - 1966

Retired : - 1973

Also known as : - Blackjack Black, Frank Black, Sailor Earl Black

A world traveler with a short career-span. Debuted in Wellington, New Zealand in 1966. Wrestled in Australia during the late 60s, before undertaking a tour of Asia. Wrestled in Japan against such opponents as Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba.

Returned to England in 1971, main-eventing for several months as a "villainous Australian heavyweight" before moving to Canada via Japan. Became a staple in Stu Hart's Calgary promotion, teaming with Tiger Joe Tomasso and Kurt von Hess. Won the International Tag belts with Tomasso in a tournament, swapping them with Dan Kroffat & Bill Cody before finally losing them to Michel Martel & Danny Babich. Ventured south to Florida to wrestle for Eddie Graham, but was eventually forced to retire due to recurring back injuries in 1973.

Returned to his native England and began promoting wrestling in Bedfordshire.

Titles held: - (Stampede) International Tag (2, w/ Joe Tomasso)

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