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Moose Morowski

Name: - Moose Morowski

Weight: - 270lb (122kg)

Born: - July 6, 1935

From: - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Debut: - 1952

Died: - Sept 10, 2016

Also known as: - Mike Monroe, Moose Monroe, Stan the Moose, Crusher Morowski, Black Avenger

Toured Australia: - 1974, 1975, 1976

Began pro wrestling in 1952, aged 17, in the wrestling clubs around Winnipeg. Wrestled in Minneapolis before making his name in Kansas. Toured extensively through US in the 60s, including a stint in WWWF as "Mike Monroe".

Repackaged himself in the early 70s, adopting the "Moose Morowski" persona. Was a big name in Amarillo for Dory Funk Sr before coming to Australia for several tours. Won the Austro-Asian Hwt title in August 1975 from George Gouliovis before dropping it to Skandor Akbar in September 1975. Also toured Japan and South Africa.

Wound down his career in Vancouver in the 80s.

Titles held: - Austro-Asian Hwt, (Vancouver) Canadian Hwt, (Vancouver) International Tag (w/ Al Tomko), (Vancouver) Canadian Tag (3, as Black Avenger, w/ Texas Outlaw, w/ Mike Sharpe, w/ Don Wayt), Western States Tag (3, [2 w/ Ricky Romero], w/ Nick Kozak)