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Don Leo Jonathan

Name: - Don Leo Jonathan

Height :- 6' 6" (198cm)

Weight :- 285lb (129kg)

Born :- April 29, 1931

From :- Salt Lake City, Utah

Trained by :- Brother Jonathan

Debut :- 1949

Retired :- 1980

Died :- October 13, 2018

Finishers :- Mormon Swing

Toured Australia :- 1969

Was renowned for his agile and high-flying style, belying a wrestler of such large stature.

Wrestled mainly in Canada and US, but also traveled extensively to Japan, South Africa and Australia. Wrestled in Australia in 1969, winning the IWA tag titles twice with Antonio Pugliese, defeating Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard and Mario Milano & The Spoiler, and dropping them to Milano & The Spoiler and Milano & Waldo von Erich.

Toured WWWF in the early 1970s, wrestling Pedro Morales for the WWWF World title, before heading north to Butcher Vachon's Grand Prix promotion and winning the title in 1974. Toured South Africa in 1975, swapping the EWU World Super-hwt title with Jan Wilkens.

Wrestled his last match in 1980, a 6-man tag with Andre the Giant & Roddy Piper to defeat The Sheepherders & Buddy Rose in Vancouver. Always had a keen interest in scuba diving, and pursued a career in diving equipment in his retirement.

Titles held :-  (Omaha) World hwt title (2), Pacific Coast Hwt (5), Grand Prix Hwt, Rocky Mountains Hwt, EWU World Super-hwt, IWA World tag (2, w/ Antonio Pugliese), International TV Tag (2 [w/ Lord Carlton, w/ Fred Blassie]), Canadian Open Tag (w/ Gene Kiniski), (Winnipeg) International Tag (w/ Whipper Watson), (Vancouver) Canadian Tag (15, [w/ Kinji Shibuya, w/ Roy McClarty, w/ Gene Kiniski, w/ Jim Hady, w/ Haystacks Calhoun (2), w/ Dominic de Nucci, w/ Rocky Johnson, w/ Sky Hi Jones, Pat Barrett, w/ Johnny Kostas, w/ John Tolos, w/ Duncan MacTavish, w/ Steven Little Bear, w/ John Anson, w/ John Quinn).