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Reg Parks

Name :- Reg Parks

Height :- 6' 2" (188cm)

Weight :- 230lb (104kg)

Born :- August 27, 1934

From :- Edmonton, Alberta

Trained by :- Stu Hart

Debut :- December 26, 1955

Retired :- 1999

Died :- October 7, 2021

Also known as :- The Avenger

Finisher :- Airplane Spin

Toured Australia :- 1968


Was an avid ice hockey player in his youth, as well as developing a keen interest in weightlifting. Started training with Stu Hart in 1955, and quickly turned pro.

Worked mainly in the AWA, basing himself in Nebraska working for Joe Dusek, where he also worked for a time as The Avenger. Was billed quite a bit during his career as hailing from Australia. Had a gimminck of possessing a "cast iron stomach", and participated in stunts to prove his strength.

Began making title belts in 1962, and eventually became more reknowned for this than for his wrestling. Retired from active duty in 1982, working as a referee, but returned in 1999 to wrestle Jose Lothario.

Passed away from complications of Covid 19 in 2021.

Titles won :- NWA International Hwt, Central States Hwt., (Cal) NWA World Tag (2, w/ Enrique Torres), AWA Midwest Tag (8, w/ Stan Pulaski [4], w/ Doug Gilbert [2], w/ Woody Farmer, w/ Tim Woods), Western States Tag (w/ Scott Casey)