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Interview with Drew Steele interviews Drew Steele, a recent graduate of training under Mason Childs and Slade Mercer - days before his first singles match in Global Wrestling Entertainment.

When did you start watching wrestling?

I started watching wrestling at a very young age, but my family did not have cable so each weekend I would go around my friends house and watch as much wrestling as I could and then leave *laughs*


Who were some of your favourites growing up?

All the great ones, HBK, Rocky, Stone Cold, Goldberg.. The list could just go on and on.


Why did you decide to become a wrestler?

I idolised wrestlers passion to always be the best, I feel I have that in me too... Wait no I know I have that in me. It's about being the best I possibly can be just like every one I grew up watching.


Describe the training you went through.

One word I would use to describe the training I have gone through is "Intense." Every wrestler out there knows that they have to train hard, those that don't will just get left behind in the dust.


Explain to us your debut match.

 My Debut match this upcoming Saturday at Global Wrestling Entertainments Triumph has me matched up against a big British street fighter named Ben Farrar who doesn't care who he steps in the ring against. Ben Farrar is an A grade competitor but he has never faced any one as driven as Drew Steele. It won't be a match to miss.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

I am reaching for the stars and I won't stop until I get there.

Interview conducted by Chris Dalgleish