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Interview with The Warship


Ballarat Pro Wrestling was a Victorian based company, which in its short history (2008-2011) emerged as a major player on the scene. Attracting bigger than usual crowds, awesome action and compelling feuds, the promotion sadly closed down after just nine shows. Recently, word got out that BPW may be returning, and as a result, we spoke to former BPW wrestler, The Warship.

GP: We've heard rumours of a Ballarat Pro Wrestling (BPW) return. What can you divulge at this current time?

WAR: Nothing except you all need to wait and see what happens come Warzone Wrestling (March 25).

GP: Describe the big crowds that attended BPW events, and why do you feel it succeeded while many other promotions fail to attract the numbers?

WAR: The crowds in Ballarat for BPW are electric. The audience grew with each show, and it is a real reflection on the work that the media and advertising teams did on the shows. And of course our sponsors helped greatly with exposure. The average person doesn't even know that wrestling exists in Australia; itís the job of every single person involved to make as many people aware as possible, from promoters sourcing sponsors, to advertising getting the media out there and to the wrestlers doing what they do in the ring, and ensuring people come back.

At the end of the day, I believe that if this dynamic isnít functioning correctly, the crowds will suffer. There is in my opinion no such thing as a dead area.

GP: What did you see as being stand-out moments in BPW?

WAR: BPW had a lot of great moment, whether it be Matt Silva and Danny Psychos very personal feud, Krackerjak's bloody title reign being brought to an end by Mimic from RCW, the brutal womenís death-match between Eliza Sway and VixSin, or my own personal war with the retired Cremator. These were all important events for BPW, and I think that our very different, in your face style was something that all the fans really got behind.

GP: How did you feel working a veteran like Cremator?

WAR: To begin with, it was a bit daunting; heís a massive dude. Things clicked though, I do wish we could have finished off our feud at BPW IX, but due to other personal commitments, I was unable to get down there.

GP: How did the deal with RCW come about?

WAR: RCW and EPW came to an agreement wherein there would be a talent exchange for one of our shows, Aftershock. From there, the fans responded well to some of the RCW guys, and they continued coming over for shows in Ballarat.

GP: And you yourself went over to RCW?

WAR: Yes, I did, as did many BPW wrestlers, including BPW Champion, Matt Silva. We wanted to establish who the better company was. With the receding of BPW in 2011, the question of who was better was never truly answered

GP: When Mimic (RCW) defeated Krackerjak for the BPW title, he got a great face reaction, despite being from another company. What do you attribute that popular change to?

WAR: Krackerjak was a fighting champion, but he treated the fans poorly. Insulting them and belittling the city they lived in. And Mimic, well, heís just electric. He's exciting to watch. He doesnít care about being the nicest guy; he cares about being the best. And the fans appreciated that.

GP: On a personal note as we wrap things up, what has been happening in the world of Warship?


WAR: Well, this weekend, Iíve promised to make my mark at EPW's Goldrush {video promo can be found here:}

Other than that, I am wrestling this Saturday morning at the Coventry Markets for the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance. You can see me regularly at EPW (Explosive Pro Wrestling) and SHWA (Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance.) I am looking to expand interstate this year.

Be sure to check into Warzone Wrestling on May 25th for a special BPW announcement!