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August 3, 2001Australasian Wrestling Federation in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia. TNT b Scarecrow. TNT b Hardcore Superstar. TNT b Lobo to become the first AWF Australasian champion.

October 26, 2001World Wrestling Allstars The Inception at the Sydney Superdome in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. WWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament matches: Juventud Guerrera b Psicosis in a ladder match to win the vacant WWA International Cruiserweight Championship. BG James b Konnan in a dog collar match. Norman Smiley b Crowbar in a hardcore match (non-tournament), Buff Bagwell won a 6 man battle royal featuring; Disco Inferno, Stevie Ray, Norman Smiley, Crowbar and Jerry Lawler. Jeff Jarrett b Nathan Jones in a guitar on a pole match. BG James b Lenny Lane & Lodi (replacements for Juventud Guerrera) in a three-way. Jeff Jarrett b Buff Bagwell in a Tits, Whips and Buff match. Gangrel b Luna Vachon in a Black Wedding match. Jeff Jarrett b BG James in a steel cage match to become the first WWA World Heavyweight Champion.