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WWE Championship

World Wrestling Entertainment
(World Wrestling Federation, World-Wide Wrestling Federation, Capitol Wrestling Corporation)
Also known as: WWE Undisputed Championship, WWF Championship, WWWF Championship

This title has been defended in Australia on WWE tours since 2002.

1963/06/23 Buddy Rogers
      Won a tournament
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1963/05/17 Bruno Sammartino New York City, New York, USA
1971/01/18 Ivan Koloff New York City, New York, USA
1971/02/08 Pedro Morales New York City, New York, USA
1973/12/01 Stan Stasiak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1973/12/10 Bruno Sammartino (2) New York City, New York, USA
1977/04/30 Billy Graham Baltimore, Maryland
1978/02/20 Bob Backlund New York City, New York, USA
1983/12/26 The Iron Sheik New York City, New York, USA
1984/01/23 Hulk Hogan New York City, New York, USA
1988/02/05 Andre The Giant Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1988/02/05 Vacant
      Andre surrendered the title to Ted DiBiase and it was declared vacant by President Jack Tunney
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1988/03/27 Randy Savage
      Defeated Ted DiBiase in a tournament final
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
1989/04/02 Hulk Hogan (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
1990/04/01 The Ultimate Warrior Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1991/01/19 Sgt. Slaughter Miami, Florida, USA
1991/03/24 Hulk Hogan (3) Los Angeles, California, USA
1991/11/27 The Undertaker Detroit, Michigan, USA
1991/12/03 Hulk Hogan (4) San Antonio, Texas, USA
1991/12/04 Vacant
      Hogan stripped over controversy regarding his title win
1992/01/19 Ric Flair
      Won the Royal Rumble match
Albany, New York, USA
1992/04/05 Randy Savage (2) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1992/09/01 Ric Flair (2) Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
1992/10/12 Bret Hart Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
1993/04/04 Yokozuna Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1993/04/04 Hulk Hogan (5) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1993/06/13 Yokozuna (2) Dayton, Ohio, USA
1994/03/20 Bret Hart (2) New York City, New York, USA
1994/11/23 Bob Backlund (2) San Antonio, Texas, USA
1994/11/26 Diesel [Kevin Nash] New York City, New York, USA
1995/11/19 Bret Hart (3) Landover, Maryland, USA
1996/03/31 Shawn Michaels Anaheim, California, USA
1996/11/17 Sycho Sid [Sid Vicious] New York City, New York, USA
1997/01/19 Shawn Michaels (2) San Antonio, Texas, USA
1997/02/13 Vacant
      Michaels forfeited the title due to injury
1997/02/16 Bret Hart (4)
      Defeated Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Vader in a four-way
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
1997/02/17 Sycho Sid (2) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
1997/03/23 The Undertaker (2) Rosemont, Illinois, USA
1997/08/03 Bret Hart (5) East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
1997/11/09 Shawn Michaels (3) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1998/03/29 Steve Austin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
1998/06/28 Kane Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
1998/06/29 Steve Austin (2) Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1998/09/27 Vacant
      Vacated after Kane and The Undertaker simultaneously pinned Austin in a three-way
1998/11/15 The Rock St Louis, Missouri, USA
1999/01/04 Mankind [Mick Foley] Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
1999/01/24 The Rock (2) Anaheim, California, USA
1999/01/26 Mankind (2) Tucson, Arizona, USA
1999/02/15 The Rock (3) Birmingham, Alabama, USA
1999/03/28 Steve Austin (3) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1999/05/23 The Undertaker (3) Kansas City, Missouri, USA
1999/04/28 Steve Austin (4) Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
1999/08/22 Mankind (3) Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
1999/08/23 Triple H Ames, Iowa, USA
1999/09/14 Vince McMahon Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1999/09/20 Vacant
      McMahon vacated the title
1999/09/26 Triple H (2)
      Defeated The Rock, Mankind, The Big Show, The British Bulldog and Kane in a six-way
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
1999/11/14 The Big Show Detroit, Michigan, USA
2000/01/03 Triple H (3) Miami, Florida, USA
2000/04/30 The Rock (4) Washington, D.C., USA
2000/05/21 Triple H (4) Louisville, Kentucky, USA
2000/06/25 The Rock (5) Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2000/10/22 Kurt Angle Albany, New York, USA
2001/02/25 The Rock (6) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2001/04/01 Steve Austin (5) Houston, Texas, USA
2001/09/23 Kurt Angle (2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2001/10/08 Steve Austin (6) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2001/12/09 Chris Jericho San Diego, California, USA
2002/03/17 Triple H (5) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2002/04/21 Hulk Hogan (6) Kansas City, Missouri, USA
2002/05/19 The Undertaker (4) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2002/07/21 The Rock (7)
      #2002/08/10 - Defended against Triple H and Brock Lesnar in Melbourne, Victoria
Detroit, Michigan, USA
2002/08/25 Brock Lesnar Uniondale, New York, USA
2002/11/17 The Big Show (2) New York City, New York, USA
2002/12/15 Kurt Angle (3) Sunrise, Florida, USA
2003/03/30 Brock Lesnar (2) Seattle, Washington, USA
2003/07/27 Kurt Angle (4) Denver, Colorado, USA
2003/06/16 Brock Lesnar (3)
      #2003/12/06 - Defended against Chris Benoit in Perth, Western Australia
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
2004/02/15 Eddie Guerrero San Francisco, California, USA
2004/06/27 John Bradshaw Layfield Norfolk, Virginia, USA
2005/04/03 John Cena
      #2005/04/09 - Defended against John Bradshaw Layfield in Perth, Western Australia
      #2005/10/28 - Defended against Triple H in Adelaide, South Australia
      #2005/10/29 - Defended against Kurt Angle in Melbourne, Victoria
Los Angeles, California, USA
2006/01/08 Edge Albany, New York, USA
2006/01/29 John Cena (2) Miami, Florida, USA
2006/06/11 Rob Van Dam New York City, New York, USA
2006/07/03 Edge (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2006/09/17 John Cena (3) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2007/10/02 Vacant
      Cena injured
2007/10/07 Randy Orton
      Awarded by Vince McMahon
Rosemont, Illinois, USA
2007/10/07 Triple H (6) Rosemont, Illinois, USA
2007/10/07 Randy Orton (2) Rosemont, Illinois, USA
2008/04/27 Triple H (7) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2008/11/23 Edge (3) Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2008/12/14 Jeff Hardy Buffalo, New York, USA
2009/01/25 Edge (4) Detroit, Michigan, USA
2009/02/15 Triple H (8) Seattle, Washingotn, USA
2009/04/26 Randy Orton (3) Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2009/06/07 Batista New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2009/06/09 Vacant
      Batista injured
2009/06/15 Randy Orton (4)
#2009/07/05 - Defended against John Cena in Brisbane, Queensland

      #2009/07/06 - Defended against Triple H in Adelaide, South Australia
      #2009/07/07 - Defended against Triple H in Melbourne, Victoria
      #2009/07/08 - Defended against Triple H in Perth, Western Australia
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
2009/09/13 John Cena (4)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2009/10/04 Randy Orton (5)
Newark, New Jersey, USA
2009/10/25 John Cena (5)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2009/12/13 Sheamus
San Antonio, Texas, USA
2010/02/21 John Cena (6) St Louis, Missouri, USA
2010/02/21 Batista (2) St Louis, Missouri, USA
2010/03/28 John Cena (7) Glendale, Arizona, USA
2010/06/20 Sheamus (2) Uniondale, New York, USA
2010/09/19 Randy Orton (6) Chicago, Illinois, USA
2010/11/22 The Miz Orlando, Florida, USA
2011/05/01 John Cena (8)
      #2011/07/01 - Defended against R-Truth in Sydney, New South Wales
      #2011/07/02 - Defended against R-Truth in Melbourne, Victoria
      #2011/07/03 - Defended against R-Truth in Perth, Western Australia
      #2011/07/04 - Defended against R-Truth in Adelaide, South Australia
      #2011/07/05 - Defended against CM Punk in Brisbane, Queensland
Tampa, Florida, USA
2011/07/17 CM Punk Chicago, Illinois, USA
2011/07/18 Vacant
      Punk's contract expired
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
2011/07/25 Rey Mysterio
      Defeated The Miz in a tournament final
Hampton, Virginia, USA
2011/07/25 John Cena (9) Hampton, Virginia, USA
2011/08/01 John Cena & CM Punk
      Recognised as co-champions upon Punk's return
2011/08/14 CM Punk
      Defeated John Cena
Los Angeles, California, USA
2011/08/14 Alberto Del Rio Los Angeles, California, USA
2011/09/18 John Cena (10) Buffalo, New York, USA
2011/10/02 Alberto Del Rio (2) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2011/11/20 CM Punk (2)
      #2012/08/30 - Defended against John Cena and The Big Show in Brisbane, Queensland
      #2012/08/31 - Defended against Daniel Bryan in Sydney, New South Wales
      $2012/09/01 - Defended against Daniel Bryan in Melbourne, Victoria
New York City, New York, USA