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WWE Women's Championship


World Wrestling Entertainment (World Wrestling Federation, World-Wide Wrestling Federation, Capitol Wrestling Corporation) / National Wrestling Alliance
Also known as: NWA World Women's Championship, WWF Women's Championship

This title was first defended in Australia in 1986 and is the only WWE title to change hands here. It has been defended here on WWE's regular tours in the 2000s. It was retired in 2010 when it was unified with the WWE Divas Championship.

Title changes between 1956 and 1984 aren't officially recognised by the WWE.

1956/09/18 Slave Girl Moolah / The Fabulous Moolah
      Changed name during title reign
      Defeated Judy Grable in a tournament final
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1966/09/17 Bette Boucher Seattle, Washington, USA
1966/09 The Fabulous Moolah (2)
1968/03/10 Yukiko Tomoe Osaka, JAPAN
1968/04/02 The Fabulous Moolah (3) Hamamatsu, JAPAN
1976/02/02 Sue Green New York City, New York, USA
1976/03/05 The Fabulous Moolah (4) New York City, New York, USA
1978/10/08 Evelyn Stevens Dallas, Texas, USA
1978/10/10 The Fabulous Moolah (5) Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Renamed WWF Women's Championship
1984/07/23 Wendi Richter New York City, New York, USA
1985/02/18 Leilani Kai New York City, New York, USA
1985/03/31 Wendi Richter (2) New York City, New York, USA
1985/11/25 Spider Lady / The Fabulous Moolah (6)
      Unmasked after winning title
New York City, New York, USA
1986/07/03 Velvet McIntyre Brisbane, Queensland
1986/07/09 The Fabulous Moolah (7) Sydney, New South Wales
1987/07/24 Sensational Sherri Houston, Texas, USA
1988/10/07 Rockin' Robin Paris, FRANCE
1990 Abandoned
1993/12/13 Alundra Blayze [Madusa]
      Defeated Heidi Lee Morgan in a tournament final
Poughskeepie, New York, USA
1994/11/20 Bull Nakano Tokyo, JAPAN
1995/04/03 Alundra Blayze (2) Poughskeepie, New York, USA
1995/08/27 Bertha Faye Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
1995/10/23 Alundra Blayze (3) Brandon, Manitoba, CANADA
1995/12/13 Abandoned
      Blayze left the promotion
1998/09/15 Jacqueline
      Defeated Sable
Sacramento, California, USA
1998/11/15 Sable St Louis, Missouri, USA
1999/05/10 Debra [Debra McMichael] Orlando, Florida, USA
1999/06/08 Ivory Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
1999/10/17 The Fabulous Moolah (8) Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1999/10/25 Ivory (2) Providence, Rhode Island, USA
1999/12/12 Miss Kitty [The Kat] Sunrise, Florida, USA
2000/01/31 Hervina [Harvey Wippleman] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2000/02/01 Jacqueline (2) Detroit, Michigan, USA
2000/03/28 Stephanie McMahon San Antonio, Texas, USA
2000/08/21 Lita Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
2000/10/31 Ivory (3) Rochester, New York, USA
2001/04/01 Chyna Houston, Texas, USA
2001/11 Vacant
      Chyna left the promotion
2001/11/18 Trish Stratus
      Defeated Lita, Jacqueline, Ivory, Molly Holly and Jazz
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
2002/02/04 Jazz Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Renamed WWE Women's Championship
2002/05/13 Trish Stratus (2) Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
2002/06/23 Molly Holly Columbus, Ohio, USA
2002/09/22 Trish Stratus (3) Los Angelos, California, USA
2002/11/17 Victoria New York City, New York, USA
2003/03/30 Trish Stratus (4) Seattle, Washington, USA
2003/04/27 Jazz (2) Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
2003/06/30 Gail Kim Buffalo, New York, USA
2003/07/28 Molly Holly (2) Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
2004/02/23 Victoria (2) Omaha, Nebraska, USA
2004/06/13 Trish Stratus (5) Columbus, Ohio, USA
2004/12/06 Lita (2) Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
2005/01/09 Trish Stratus (6) San Juan, PUERTO RICO
2006/04/02 Mickie James Rosemont, Illinois
2006/08/14 Lita (3) Charlotttesville, Virginia, USA
2006/09/17 Trish Stratus (7) Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
2006/09/18 Vacant
      Stratus retired
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
2006/11/05 Lita (4)
      Defeated Mickie James in a tournament final
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2006/11/26 Mickie James (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2007/02/19 Melina Bakersfield, California, USA
2007/04/24 Mickie James (3) Paris, FRANCE
2007/04/24 Melina (2) Paris, FRANCE
2007/06/24 Candice Michelle Houston, Texas, USA
2007/10/07 Beth Phoenix Rosemont, Illinois, USA
2008/04/14 Mickie James (4) London, ENGLAND
2008/08/17 Beth Phoenix (2) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2009/01/25 Melina (3) Detroit, Michigan, USA
2009/06/28 Michelle McCool Sacramento, California, USA
2010/01/31 Mickie James (5) Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2010/02/23 Michelle McCool (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2010/04/25 Beth Phoenix (3) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2010/05/11 Layla Buffalo, New York, USA
2010/09/19 Michelle McCool (3) Rosemont, Illinois
2010/09/19 Abandoned
      Unifed with WWE Diva's Championship