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WCW World Heavyweight Championship


World Championship Wrestling
(USA) / World Wrestling Entertainment (World Wrestling Federation, World-Wide Wrestling Federation, Capitol Wrestling Corporation)
Also known as: WCW Championship, World Championship

This title was defended in Australia when WCW toured in 2000. It was retired in 2001 when it was unifed with the WWE Championship to become the Undisputed Championship.

For previous history see NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

1991/01/11 Ric Flair
      Defeated Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Recognised as WCW Champion when
      the promotion split from the NWA.
East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
1991/07/01 Vacant
       Flair left promotion
1991/07/14 Lex Luger
      Defeated Barry Windham
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1992/02/29 Sting Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
1992/07/12 Big Van Vader [Vader] Albany, New York, USA
1992/08/02 Ron Simmons [Faarooq] Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1992/12/30 Big Van Vader (2) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1993/03/11 Sting (2) London, ENGLAND
1993/03/17 Big Van Vader (3) Dublin, IRELAND
1993/12/27 Ric Flair (2) Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
1994/04/17 Vacant
      Held up after a draw with Ricky Steamboat
Rosemont, Illinois, USA
1994/04/21 Ric Flair (3)
      Defeated Ricky Steamboat
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1994/07/17 Hulk Hogan Orlando, Florida, USA
1995/10/29 The Giant [The Big Show] Detroit, Michigan, USA
1995/11/06 Vacant
      Giant stripped due to controversial finish in defeating Hogan
1995/11/26 Randy Savage
      Won the World War 3 battle royal
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
1995/12/27 Ric Flair (4) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
1996/01/22 Randy Savage (2) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1996/02/11 Ric Flair (5) St Petersburg, Florida, USA
1996/04/22 The Giant (2) Albany, New York, USA
1996/08/10 Hollywood Hogan [Hulk Hogan] (2) Sturgis, South Dakota, USA
1997/12/28 Sting (3) Washington, DC, USA
1998/01/06 Vacant
      Held up after controversial finish in Sting vs Hogan
1998/02/22 Sting (4)
      Defeated Hollywood Hogan
Dayton, Ohio, USA
1998/04/19 Randy Savage (3) Denver, Colorado, USA
1998/04/20 Hollywood Hogan (3) Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
1998/07/06 Goldberg Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1998/12/27 Kevin Nash Washington, DC, USA
1999/04/01 Hollywood Hogan (4) Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1999/03/14 Ric Flair (6) Louisville, Kentucky, USA
1999/04/11 Diamond Dallas Page Tacoma, Washington, USA
1999/04/26 Sting (5) Fargo, North Dakota, USA
1999/04/26 Diamond Dallas Page (2) Fargo, North Dakota, USA
1999/05/09 Kevin Nash (2) St Louis, Missouri, USA
1999/07/11 Randy Savage (4) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
1999/07/12 Hulk Hogan (6) Jacksonville, Florida, USA
1999/09/12 Sting (6) Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
1999/10/25 Vacant
      Sting stripped after attacking a referee
1999/11/19 Bret Hart
      Defeated Chris Benoit in a tournament final
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
1999/12/20 Vacant
      Held up after a controversial finish with Goldberg
1999/12/20 Bret Hart (2)
      Defeated Goldberg
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2000/01/16 Vacant
      Hart injured
2000/01/16 Chris Benoit
      Defeated Sid Vicious
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2000/01/17 Vacant
      Benoit left the promotion
2000/01/24 Sid Vicious
      Defeated Kevin Nash
Los Angeles, California, USA
2000/01/25 Vacant
      Sid stripped by commissioner Kevin Nash
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2000/01/25 Kevin Nash (3)
      Awards himself title
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2000/01/25 Sid Vicious (2) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2000/04/10 Vacant
      All titles declared vacant
2000/04/16 Jeff Jarrett
      Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a tournament final
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2000/04/24 Diamond Dallas Page (3) Rochester, New York, USA
2000/04/25 David Arquette
      Pinned Eric Bischoff in a tag match
Syracuse, New York, USA
2000/05/07 Jeff Jarrett (2) Kansas City, Missouri, USA
2000/05/15 Ric Flair (7) Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
2000/05/22 Vacant
      Flair stripped by Vince Russo
2000/05/22 Jeff Jarrett (3)
      Awarded by Vince Russo
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
2000/05/23 Kevin Nash (4) Saginaw, Michigan, USA
2000/05/29 Ric Flair (8)
      Nash gave the title to Flair
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2000/05/29 Jeff Jarrett (4) Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2000/07/09 Booker T Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
2000/08/28 Kevin Nash (5) Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
2000/09/17 Booker T (2) Buffalo, New York, USA
2000/09/25 Vince Russo Uniondale, New York, USA
2000/10/02 Vacant
      Russo forfeited the title
2000/10/02 Booker T (3)
Defeated Jeff Jarrett
Daly City, California, USA
2000/11/26 Scott Steiner
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2001/03/26 Booker T (4)
WCW bought out by WWE. Title continued under WWE control
Panama Beach, Florida, USA
Renamed WCW Championship
2001/07/24 Kurt Angle
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2001/07/30 Booker T (5)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2001/09/19 The Rock
San Jose, California, USA
2001/10/21 Chris Jericho St Louis, Missouri, USA
2011/11/05 The Rock (2) Uniondale, New York, USA
Renamed World Championship
2011/12/09 Chris Jericho (2) San Diego, California, USA
2011/12/09 Abandoned
      Title unified with WWE Championship to become the Undisputed Championship.

World Wrestling Entertainment (World Wrestling Federation, World-Wide Wrestling Federation, Capitol Wrestling Corporation)
Also known as: WWE Undisputed Championship, WWF Championship, WWWF Championship