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WWE Intercontinental Championship

World Wrestling Entertainment

The WWE Intercontinental Championship has been defended in Australia since their 2003 tour.

1979/09/15 Pat Patterson
      Declared Intercontinental Champion after holding both North and South American
      Championships and allegedley winning a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1980/04/21 Ken Patera New York City, New York, USA
1980/12/08 Pedro Morales New York City, New York, USA
1981/06/20 Don Muraco Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1981/11/23 Pedro Morales (2) New York City, New York, USA
1983/01/22 Don Muraco (2) New York City, New York, USA 
1984/02/11 Tito Santana Boston, Massachusetts, USA
1984/09/24 Greg Valentine London, Ontario, CANADA
1985/07/06 Tito Santana (2) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1986/02/08 Randy Savage Boston, Massachusetts, USA
1987/03/29 Ricky Steamboat Pontiac, Michigan, USA
1987/06/02 Honky Tonk Man Buffalo, New York, USA
1988/08/29 Ultimate Warrior

New York City, New York, USA

1990/04/01 Vacant
      Declared vacant when Warrior won the WWF Championship
1990/04/23 Mr Perfect [Curt Hennig] Austin, Texas, USA
1990/08/27 The Texas Tornado [Kerry Von Erich] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1990/11/19 Mr Perfect (2) Rochester, New York, USA
1991/08/26 Bret Hart

New York City, New York, USA

1992/01/17 The Mountie [Jacques Rougeau] Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
1992/01/19 Roddy Piper Albany, New York, USA
1992/04/05 Bret Hart (2) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1992/08/29 The British Bulldog [Davey Boy Smith] London, ENGLAND
1992/10/27 Shawn Michaels Terra Haute, Indiana, USA
1993/05/17 Marty Jannetty

New York City, New York, USA

1993/06/06 Shawn Michaels (2) Albany, New York, USA
1993/09/27 Vacant
      Michaels stripped for not defending in 30 days
1993/09/27 Razor Ramon [Scott Hall] New Haven, Connecticut, USA
1994/04/13 Diesel [Kevin Nash] Rochester, New York, USA
1994/08/29 Razor Ramon (2) Chicago, Illinois, USA
1995/01/22 Jeff Jarrett Tampa, Florida, USA
1995/04/26 Bob Holly Moline, Illinois, USA
1995/04/26 Jeff Jarrett (2) Moline, Illinois, USA
1995/05/19 Razor Ramon (3) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
1995/05/22 Jeff Jarrett (3) Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, CANADA
1995/07/23 Shawn Michaels (3) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
1995/10/22 Dean Douglas [Shane Douglas] Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
1995/10/22 Razor Ramon (4) Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
1996/01/21 Goldust [Dustin Runnels] Fresno, California, USA
1996/04/01 Vacant
      Held up after a no contest with Savio Vega
1996/04/01 Goldust (2)
      Defeated Savio Vega in a rematch
Fresno, California, USA
1996/06/23 Ahmed Johnson Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
1996/08/12 Vacant
      Forfeited the title after being attacked by Faarooq
1996/09/23 Marc Mero
      Defeated Faarooq
Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
1996/10/21 Hunter Hearts Helmsley [Triple H] Fort Wayne, Illinois, USA
1997/02/13 Rocky Maivia [The Rock] Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
1997/04/28 Owen Hart Omaha, Nebraska, USA
1997/08/03 Steve Austin East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
1997/09/08 Vacant
      Austin injured
1997/10/05 Owen Hart (2)
      Defeated Faarooq
St Louis, Missouri, USA
1997/11/09 Steve Austin (2) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
1997/12/08 The Rock (2) Portland, Maine, USA
1998/08/30 Triple H (2)

New York City, New York, USA

1998/10/09 Vacant
      Triple H injured
1998/10/12 Ken Shamrock Uniondale, New York, USA
1999/02/14 Val Venis Memphis, Tennessee, USA
1999/03/15 Road Dogg San Jose, California, USA
1999/03/29 Goldust (3) East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
1999/04/12 The Godfather Detroit, Michigan, USA
1999/05/31 Jeff Jarrett (4) Moline, Illinois, USA
1999/07/24 Edge Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
1999/07/25 Jeff Jarrett (5) Buffalo, New York, USA
1999/07/26 D'Lo Brown Dayton, Ohio, USA
1999/08/22 Jeff Jarrett (6) Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
1999/10/17 Chyna Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1999/12/12 Chris Jericho Sunrise, Florida, USA
2000/01/03 Vacant
      Jericho vs Chyna ended in a double plinfall. Defended as co-champions. Recognised as being vacant by
2000/01/23 Chris Jericho (2)
      Defeated Chyna and Hardcore Holly

New York City, New York, USA

2000/02/27 Kurt Angle Hartford, Connecticut, USA
2000/04/02 Chris Benoit Anaheim, California, USA
2000/05/02 Chris Jericho (3) Richmond, Virginia, USA
2000/05/08 Chris Benoit (2) Uniondale, New York, USA
2000/06/20 Rikishi Memphis, Tennessee, USA
2000/07/04 Val Venis (2) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
2000/08/27 Chyna (2) Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
2000/09/04 Eddie Guerrero Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
2000/11/21 Billy Gunn Sunrise, Florida, USA
2000/12/10 Chris Benoit (3) Birmingham, Alabama, USA
2001/01/21 Chris Jericho (4) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2001/04/03 Triple H (3) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
2001/04/10 Jeff Hardy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2001/04/16 Triple H (4) Knoxville, Tennesse, USA
2001/05/20 Kane Sacramento, California, USA
2001/06/26 Albert

New York City, New York, USA

2001/07/23 Lance Storm Buffalo, New York, USA
2001/09/19 Edge (2) San Jose, California, USA
2001/09/23 Christian Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2001/10/21 Edge (3) St Louis, Missouri, USA
2001/11/05 Test Uniondale, New York, USA
2001/11/18 Edge (4) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
2002/01/20 William Regal Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2002/03/17 Rob Van Dam Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
2002/04/21 Eddie Guerrero (2) Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Renamed WWE Intercontinental Championship
2002/05/27 Rob Van Dam (2) Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
2002/07/29 Chris Benoit (4) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
2002/08/25 Rob Van Dam (3) Uniondale, New York, USA
2002/09/16 Chris Jericho (5) Denver, Colorado, USA
2002/09/30 Kane (2) Houston, Texas, USA
2002/10/20 Triple H (5) Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Title unifed with the World Heavyweight Championship

2003/05/18 Christian (2)
      Won a battle royal for the reinstated title
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
2003/07/07 Booker T
      #2003/07/31 - Defended against Christian in Melbourne, Victoria
      #2003/08/02 - Defended against Chris Jericho in Sydney, New South Wales
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
2003/08/10 Christian (3) Des Moines, Iowa, USA
2003/09/29 Rob Van Dam (4) Chicago, Illinois, USA
2003/10/27 Chris Jericho (6) Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
2003/10/27 Rob Van Dam (5) Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
2003/12/14 Randy Orton Orlando, Florida, USA
2004/07/11 Edge (5) Hartford, Connecticut, USA
2004/09/06 Vacant
      Edge injured
2004/09/12 Chris Jericho (7)
      Defeated Christian
Portland, Oregon, USA
2004/10/19 Shelton Benjamin
      #2005/04/07 - Defended against Gene Snitsky in Brisbane, Queensland
      #2005/04/08 - Defended against Gene Snitsky in Newcastle, New South Wales
      #2005/04/09 - Defended against Christian in Sydney, New South Wales
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2005/06/20 Carlito Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2005/09/18 Ric Flair Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
2006/02/20 Shelton Benjamin (2) Trenton, New Jersey, USA
2006/04/30 Rob Van Dam (6) Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2006/05/15 Shelton Benjamin (3) Lubbock, Texas, USA
2006/06/25 Johnny Nitro [John Morrison]
      #2006/08/04 - Defended against Carlito and Shelton Benjamin in Sydney, New South Wales
      #2006/08/05 - Defended against Carlito and Shelton Benjamin in Melbourne, Victoria
Columbus, Ohio, USA
2006/10/02 Jeff Hardy (2) Topeka, Kansas, USA
2006/11/06 Johnny Nitro (2) Columbus, Ohio, USA
2006/11/13 Jeff Hardy (3) Manchester, ENGLAND
2007/02/19 Umaga Bakersfield, California, USA
2007/04/16 Santino Marella Milan, ITALY
2007/07/02 Umaga (2) Dallas, Texas, USA
2007/09/02 Jeff Hardy (4) Columbus, Ohio, USA
2008/03/10 Chris Jericho (8) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2008/06/29 Kofi Kingston Dallas, Texas, USA
2008/08/17 Santino Marella (2) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2008/11/10 William Regal (2) Manchester, ENGLAND
2009/01/19 CM Punk Chicago, Illinois, USA
2009/03/09 John Bradshaw Layfield Jacksonville, Florida, USA
2009/04/05 Rey Mysterio [Rey Misterio, Jr.] Houston, Texas, USA
2009/06/07 Chris Jericho (9) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2009/06/28 Rey Mysterio (2) Sacramento, California, USA
2009/09/01 John Morrison (3) Cleveland, Ohio, USA
2009/12/13 Drew McIntyre San Antonio, Texas, USA
2010/05/23 Kofi Kingston (2) Detroit, Michigan, USA
2010/07/28 Dolph Ziggler
      #2010/07/31 - Defended against Kofi Kingston in Sydney, New South Wales
      #2010/08/01 - Defended against Kofi Kingston and Christian in Melbourne, Victoria
      #2010/08/02 - Defended against Kofi Kingston, Christian and Matt Hardy in Brisbane, Queensland
      #2010/08/03 - Defended against Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre in Adelaide, South Australia
      #2010/08/04 - Defended against Kofi Kingston in Perth, Western Australia
Laredo, Texas
2011/01/04 Kofi Kingston (3) Tuscon, Arizona, USA
2011/03/22 Wade Barrett Columbus, Ohio, USA
2011/06/19 Ezekiel Jackson Washington, DC, USA
2011/08/09 Cody Rhodes Sacramento, California, USA
2012/04/01 The Big Show Miami, Florida, USA
2012/04/29 Cody Rhodes (2) Rosemont, Illinois, USA
2012/05/20 Christian (4) Raleigh, North Carolina, USA








The Miz
      #2012/08/30 - Defended against Alex Riley in Brisbane, Queensland
      #2012/08/31 - Defended against Alex Riley in Sydney, New South Wales
      #2012/09/01 - Defended against Alex Riley in Melbourne, Victoria

Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett

St Louis, Missouri, USA


Memphis, Tennesse, USA

Washington DC, USA