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WWE Cruiserweight Championship / WCW World Cruiserweight Championship

World Wrestling Entertainment
World Championship Wrestling

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship was first defended in Australia in 2002. It was then defended on their tours until it was abandoned in 2007.

1996/03/20 Shinjiro Otani
      Defeated Wild Pegasus in a tournament final
Nagoya, JAPAN
1996/05/02 Dean Malenko Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
1996/07/08 Rey Misterio, Jr. Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
1996/10/27 Dean Malenko (2) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1996/12/29 Ultimo Dragon Nashville, Tennessee, USA
1997/01/21 Dean Malenko (3) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
1997/02/23 Syxx [X-Pac] Daly City, California, USA
1997/06/28 Chris Jericho Inglewood, California, USA
1997/07/28 Alex Wright Charlestown, Virginia, USA
1997/08/12 Chris Jericho (2) Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
1997/09/14 Eddy Guerrero Winstom-Salem, North Carolina, USA
1997/10/26 Rey Misterio, Jr. (2) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1997/11/10 Eddy Guerrero (2) Memphis, Tennessee, USA
1997/12/29 Ultimo Dragon (2) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1998/01/08 Juventud Guerrera Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
1998/01/15 Rey Misterio, Jr. (3) Lakeland, Florida, USA
1998/01/24 Chris Jericho (3) Dayton, Ohio
1998/05/17 Dean Malenko (4) Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
1998/06/11 Vacant
      Malenko stripped for earning his title shot as the masked Ciclope
1998/06/14 Chris Jericho (4) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1998/08/08 Juventud Guerrera (2) Sturgis, South Dakota, USA
1998/09/14 Billy Kidman Greenville, South Carolina, USA
1998/11/16 Juventud Guerrera (3) Wichita, Kansas, USA
1998/11/22 Billy Kidman (2) Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
1999/03/15 Rey Misterio, Jr. (4) Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1999/04/19 Psychosis [Psicosis] Gainesville, Florida, USA
1999/04/26 Rey Misterio, Jr. (5) Fargo, North Dakota, USA
1999/09/19 Lenny Lane Lubbock, Texas, USA
1999/10/04 Vacant
      Lane stripped after Standards and Practices take umbrage with his gimmick
1999/10/04 Psychosis (2)
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
1999/10/04 Disco Inferno Kansas City, Missouri, USA
1999/11/21 Evan Karagias Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
1999/12/19 Madusa Washington, DC, USA
2000/01/16 Oklahoma [Ed Ferrara] Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2000/01/18 Vacant
      Oklahoma stripped for exceeding weight limit
2000/02/20 The Artist [Prince Iaukea]
      Defeated Lash LeRoux in a tournament final
Daly City, California
2000/03/30 Billy Kidman (3) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2000/04/10 Vacant
      All titles declared vacant
2000/04/16 Chris Candido
      Defeated The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash LeRoux and Crowbar in a six-way
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2000/05/15 Crowbar [Devon Storm] and Daffney Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
2000/05/22 Daffney Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
2000/06/06 Lt Loco [Chavo Guerrero, Jr.] Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
2000/06/31 Lance Storm Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA
2000/08/14 Elix Skipper Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA
2000/10/02 Mike Sanders Daly City, California, USA
2000/12/04 Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (2) Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
2001/03/18 Shane Helms Jacksonville, Florida, USA
2001/07/03 Billy Kidman (4) Tacoma, Washingotn, USA
2001/07/30 X-Pac (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Unified with WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
2001/10/09 Billy Kidman (5) Moline, Illinois, USA
2001/10/22 Tajiri [Yoshihiro Tajiri] Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Renamed WWF Cruiserweight Championship
2002/04/02 Billy Kidman (6) Rochester, New York, USA
2002/04/21 Tajiri (2) Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Renamed WWE Cruiserweight Championship
2002/05/14 The Hurricane [Shane Helms] (2) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
2002/06/23 Jamie Noble
      #2002/08/10 - Defended against The Hurricane in Melbourne, Victoria
Columbus, Ohio, USA
2002/11/17 Billy Kidman (7) New York City, New York, USA
2003/02/23 Matt Hardy Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
2003/06/03 Rey Mysterio [Rey Misterio, Jr.] (6) Anaheim, California, USA
2003/09/23 Tajiri (2)
      #2003/12/06 - Defended against Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble in Perth, Western Australia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2003/12/30 Rey Mysterio (7) Laredo, Texas, USA
2004/02/15 Chavo Guerrero [Chavo Guerrero, Jr.] (3) Daly City, California, USA
2004/05/04 Jacqueline Tuscon, Arizona, USA
2004/05/16 Chavo Guerrero (4) Los Angeles, California, USA
2004/05/18 Chavo Classic [Chavo Guerrero, Sr.] Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2004/06/15 Rey Mysterio (8) Chicago, Illinois, USA
2004/07/27 Spike Dudley Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA
2004/12/12 Funaki Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2005/02/20 Chavo Guerrero (5) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2005/03/29 Paul London
      #2005/04/08 - Defended against Spike Dudley in Melbourne, Victoria
      #2005/04/09 - Defended against Spike Dudley, Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty in Perth, Western
      #2005/04/10 - Defended against Spike Dudley, Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty in Adelaide, South
Houston, Texas, USA
2005/08/02 Nunzio Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
2005/10/09 Juventud [Juventud Guerrera] (4) Houston, Texas, USA
2005/11/15 Nunzio (2) Rome, ITALY
2005/11/22 Juventud (5) Sheffield, ENGLAND
2005/12/18 Kid Kash Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2006/01/29 Gregory Helms [Shane Helms] (3) Miami, Florida, USA
2007/02/18 Chavo Guerrero (6) Los Angeles, California, USA
2007/07/22 Hornswoggle San Jose, California, USA
2007/09/25 Abandoned
      Hornswoggle stripped by Vickie Guerrero