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NAW South Pacific Championship [VIC]

New Age Wrestling

Formerly known as NAW Cruiserweight Championship

2006/02/11 Thunder Kid
      Won a battle royal
Albion, Victoria
2006/05/27 Scorpion

Albion, Victoria

2007 Renamed NAW South Pacific Championship
2007/04/01 Tank

Albion, Victoria

2007/09/15 Vacant
      Tank injured
2007/12/08 Sheik El Zacqwi
      Defeated Slikk Steev in a tournament final

Albion, Victoria

2008/10/25 Charlie Marciano

Albion, Victoria

2009/05/30 Carnage

Albion, Victoria

2009/09/13 Vacant
      Carnage left the promotion
2010/01/16 Pyro [Dowie James]
      Defeated Mike Manson and Slikk Steev in a three-way

Albion, Victoria

2010/03/13 Vacant
      Pyro injured
2010/03/13 Ryan O'Hare
      Defeated Ryan Rollins

Albion, Victoria

2010/07/24 Jarek Craven

Albion, Victoria

2011/04/09 Iron Horse Morrison

Albion, Victoria

2011/08/13 Alexi Papadopolous

Albion, Victoria

2012/06/02 Josh Shooter Albion, Victoria
2012/09/08 Barry Lawrence Albion, Victoria
2013/04/06 Slikk Steev Albion, Victoria
2014/03/01 Jake Lindo Sunbury. Victoria