Eagles: Knee injury could be career-ending


That’s never a title you want to read, but it’s the reality that the winner of the 2011 PWI Female Fifty, our choice for 2010 Wrestler of the Year, former SHIMMER Champion and current PWWA titleholder Madison Eagles is having to consider at the moment.

Speaking exclusively to Ringbelles following a two week, self-imposed exile from the Internet, the 27 year old Australian broke her silence in the latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast to explain the nature of her knee injury, when and how it occurred, and its severity.

It’s just disgusting. I got the worst prognosis that I could have; either surgery and you can’t wrestle again or let’s just wait it out and see what happens. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t have any time restraint on it. We’re looking at crap or crapper.

It was two days after SHIMMER [back at the start of October] that I did it. I did a double stomp – from doom, as I call it, the Double Stomp of Doom – and just hyperextended my knee so horribly that I just collapsed in pain and couldn’t move. I think it was six weeks after I actually did the injury that I finally got my MRI from the specialist done – and at that point it still looked pretty horrible, like, having been healing for six weeks. So they put me in a brace for another five or six weeks and that’s just come off recently and it’s still pretty bad. It just looks horrible from my point of view.

At the moment, Eagles is electing to see if the knee will heal of its own accord, though there is no set timeframe for her to be given a clean bill of health. This could mean weeks, possibly months, or even longer before she is able to return to the ring. The injury has also meant that Eagles has had to turn down a number of bookings in Japan, as well as having to miss JoshiMania earlier this month, after having been announced in late October as one of the few gaijin stars who would be on the card.

For fans of women’s wrestling, it has been a horrible few weeks. Serena Deeb has been advised to not wrestle again after suffering a concussion during the most recent SHIMMER tapings, while LuFisto also discussed how she is taking a break from wrestling after her long-standing back injury flared up again. Most recently, current Women Superstars Uncensored Champion Mercedes Martinez has had to rest up following a concussion and stinger that she suffered during the War Games match at Breaking Barriers 2 last month, which has left her experiencing migraines and dizzy spells. Of all the injuries, LuFisto and Martinez are expected to return to the ring next year, but things look touch and go for Eagles (who is also still dealing with a shoulder injury that she suffered in a car accident back in April), and even are more dire for Serena.

On a critical level, 2011 has been a tremendous year for women’s wrestling, especially for the four stars who are currently on the shelf. However, all their hard-hitting matches appear to have taken their toll on some of the biggest names in North America. Hopefully, serious injuries like the ones discussed (as well as MsChif injuring her leg back in April, keeping her out of the ring for four months) don’t happen so regularly in 2012. Obviously, you can’t prevent injuries, but this cluster which have emerged in the last three months have been pretty depressing for fans of their work.

These names, among others, have helped to propel the popularity of women’s wrestling over the past 5 years, and each of them don’t deserve to have their careers cut short before their time. Hopefully they can be part of the future that they have helped to build for newer names coming into wrestling, instead of having what they love snatched away from them prematurely.

- Lee Burton

Source: http://ringbellesonline.com/2011/12/26/eagles-knee-injury-could-be-career-ending/


Today Showtime Wrestling Alliance announced they had run their last show. Formed in 2008 the Newcastle-based promotion was growing quite nicely. They had the following to say on Facebook.

"After 4 years of operation, SWA is closing it's doors. We would like to thank every dedicated fan that helped us become the home of professional wrestling in Newcastle"

Source: https://www.facebook.com/showtimewrestling




Following a triumphant hit out at the prestigious 2012 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Live Nation are delighted to present three-time WWE heavyweight champion Mick Foley together with award-winning Australian comedian Brendon Burns, in February 2013 for a first ever Australian tour with their brand new double-handed stand-up comedy show ‘Good God Almighty!’.

‘He can hold a room… as firmly as he could hold a wrestling rival.’ Chortle, UK

Tickets to Mick Foley & Brendon Burns’ ‘Good God Almighty!’ shows will go on sale 9am Thursday October 17. My Live Nation members can access tickets first during the pre-sale commencing 9am Monday October 15. Head to
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The unlikely pair met when Burns guested on Foley’s UK tour out of his sheer love of Foley’s wrestling and writing and they bonded instantly. Together they are dynamic and their debut Montreal season was a smash hit - expect hilarious real life stories from the man behind the mask who many may remember as Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack. Foley finds that escaping the worldwide shadow of WWE and one infamous match in particular has proven to be the greatest challenge of his twenty-seven year career, but gains the insight that his rollercoaster ride through the world of professional wrestling has given him a unique insight into subjects as diverse as politics, pornography and the quest for world peace.

Burns, who has spent the past two decades as an ex-pat readily adopted as Britain’s most outspoken, cult comic, brings a ceremonious unveiling of twenty years of repressed, stockpiled wrestling material to Good God Almighty!, also admitting to being comedy’s No.1 wrestling fan. Since winning an Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2007, Burns has been unstoppable. He has released 9 comedy albums, 3 live DVD’s (So I Suppose This is Offensive Now received an unprecedented 6-star review), and aired a TV special on Comedy Central that earned him a 5-star review from TimeOut London. Burns made his US TV debut on Paul Provenza’s Green Rooms on Showtime as a regular contributor and panelist, and in 2010 he published his first semi-autobiographical novel, Fear of Hat Loss in Las Vegas.

Fresh from a sell-out debut Edinburgh Fringe Festival season, Foley is universally acclaimed as one of the most entertaining talkers in professional wrestling with his understated combination of wit and easy-going, understated charm that is sure to enthrall fans old and new from behind the microphone. The on-stage chemistry between Foley and Burns is immediate and electric, ensuring a thoroughly unique show not to be missed.

Warning! May contain references that some people find utterly baffling.

Praise for Mick Foley & Brendon Burns:

‘Foley draws in this massive audience with his abundant charisma’ The Skinny, UK
‘If you're interested in wrestling, you'll love it, if you're not, you'll like it’ Broadway Baby
‘The honest truth is often funny and never dull. And that's exactly what you get with Burns’ The Guardian, UK
‘The most jaw-droppingly awkward, painful, yet ultimately rewarding piece of stand-up we've ever seen’ Time Out London


For complete tour and ticket information visit: www.livenation.com.au


On February 18, 2014, the "Mario Milano - Verum Rex Exhibition" will be unveiled at Degano Bakery Cafe in Norhcote, Melbourne at 11am. It contains a series of portraits of the man who bacame synonymous with Australian wrestling in the 60s and 70s. Mario's daughter Olimpia and Tony Marino will be in attendance and making a statement on behalf of Mario. 

The aim is to get as many wrestlers and fans to the opening, so if anyone is able to attend, please do so.