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Joel Bateman
2011/01/22 Alex Haize
Alexi Papadopolous



Name: - Dominic de Nucci
Height: - 6'0 (183cm)
Weight: - 240lb (109kg)
From: - Venice, Italy
Finisher: - Airplane Spin
Also known as: - Dominic Bravo

Toured Australia: - 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1978

Was instrumental in making World Championship Wrestling a success in its early stages, proving immensely popular. Wrestled mainly around Eastern Canada and upstate New York. After retiring, opened a wrestling school. Has trained wrestlers such as Mick Foley and Shane Douglas.

Titles held:- IWA World Hwt (3), NWF World Hwt, NWF North American Hwt, AWA US Hwt, WWWF World Tag (3, w/ Victor Rivera, w/ Pat Barrett, w/ Dino Bravo), IWA World Tag (3, w/ Mark Lewin, w/ Antonio Pugliese, w/ Mario Milano), NWF World Tag (w/ Tony Parisi), WWA World Tag (w/ Wilbur Snyder), WWWF International Tag (w/ Bruno Sammartino), Canadian NWA World Tag (w/ Don Leo Jonathan), Canadian International Tag (w/ Nick de Carlo), Canadian Tag (w/ Don Leo Jonathan), Florida Tag (w/ Tony Parisi), NIWA Tag (w/ Mr. Hati), West Virginia Tag (w/ Apache Lou)

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, WIkipedia
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Title has been around for roughly 10 years. Formerly the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and MIW Cruiserweight Championship.

Previous champions include Mason Childs, BJ Blade and more.

Bronson Hoye  Ashmore, Queensland
2011/01/08 Flashman Ashmore, Queensland
2011/07/01 Junior Ashmore, Queensland
2011/08/05 Reaper
      Won a lethal lottery match
Ashmore, Queensland
2012/01/07 Inferno Ashmore, Queensland
2012/04/07 Angus McTavish Ashmore, Queensland

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