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Drew Steele

Name: Drew Steele
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 83kgs
From: Ipswich, QLD, Aus
Trained by: Mason Childs, Slade Mercer, Josh Haze
Debut: February 18, 2012

Retired - 2013

Also known as: - Alex Titan, Titan Mask, Alex Shepard

A product of both the PROWL and PWAQ training schools - Drew Steele made his debut in front of a hometown crowd at PROWL's Ipswich Invasion show during the $1,000 Ipswich Invitational gauntlet. He was eliminated by Mitch Cutting. Wrestled his second match at Global Wrestling Entertainment's 'Triumph' show where he defeated Ben Farrar. Partnered with fellow rookie Criss Creed in PROWL. Won a battle royal at PWAQ's Ipswich Impact 2 to wrestle Harley Baker for the vacant Smashmouth title. Unsuccessfully challenged for the Farrars' Tag Trophy in PROWL.

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Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Alex Speakman
Photo credit: Julie White