Melbourne promotion Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) was featured on tonight's (Feb 1, 2012) episode of Channel 10's 'The Project'. Link is below.




AustralianWrestling.org now has a YouTube channel. The link is above. I'll be using this to post video clips from the history of Australian wrestling. While the intention of posting videos is to recognise and celebrate Australian wrestling - we understand if you don't like any clip we've uploaded from your promotion. Please be assured that we are only uploading with good intent and have actually denied YouTube's offers to monetise clips. If however, you wish for a video to be removed from the channel; please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the issue.

1973 Big Bad John Interview

Firstly we have a clip from a 1973 episode of World Championship Wrestling in which Mike Cleary interviews Big Bad John, following a handicap match where his charge - Abdullah the Butcher has just squashed Petro Skepetes and Jim Dimerous. The interview targets Mark Lewin.

Andre the Giant Interview in Australia (1980)

Secondly we have an interview with Andre the Giant following a handicap match with Bobby Ragan and Andy Harpas. This was taken from a 1980 episode of World of Championship Wrestling. I have since been informed that this was filmed on July 1, 1978 - first aired December 14, 1978 and later re-aired during the 1980 episode that I've taken it from. Big thanks to Geoff Brown for the date clarification.



The Australasian Wrestling Federation is deeply saddened by the passing of Owen "OJ" Fitzpatrick, beloved friend and referee. He had a great passion and dedication to his role and will live forever in our hearts as a kind, genuine and loving friend who loved being involved in Professional Wrestling. We are proud of his many contributions to our live events and treasure the great moments he has been a part of during his time with AWF. Our deepest condolences go out to his close friends and family. Thank you OJ for all the love and dedication you have shown throughout your time with us. Details of tributes and contributions towards funeral for Owen will be posted as soon as information comes to hand. AWF and Owen's loved ones express our appreciation for the tremendous concern shown after Owen went missing, and everyone's kind words and support in recent days. We wont forget you Owen, you'll always be in the main event in our hearts :)

Source: AWFwrestling.com.au

AustralianWrestling.org interviews Drew Steele, a recent graduate of training under Mason Childs and Slade Mercer - days before his first singles match in Global Wrestling Entertainment.

When did you start watching wrestling?

I started watching wrestling at a very young age, but my family did not have cable so each weekend I would go around my friends house and watch as much wrestling as I could and then leave *laughs*


Who were some of your favourites growing up?

All the great ones, HBK, Rocky, Stone Cold, Goldberg.. The list could just go on and on.


Why did you decide to become a wrestler?

I idolised wrestlers passion to always be the best, I feel I have that in me too... Wait no I know I have that in me. It's about being the best I possibly can be just like every one I grew up watching.


Describe the training you went through.

One word I would use to describe the training I have gone through is "Intense." Every wrestler out there knows that they have to train hard, those that don't will just get left behind in the dust.


Explain to us your debut match.

 My Debut match this upcoming Saturday at Global Wrestling Entertainments Triumph has me matched up against a big British street fighter named Ben Farrar who doesn't care who he steps in the ring against. Ben Farrar is an A grade competitor but he has never faced any one as driven as Drew Steele. It won't be a match to miss.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

I am reaching for the stars and I won't stop until I get there.

Interview conducted by Chris Dalgleish

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