AustralianWrestling.org interviews Greg Prowse, promoter of PROWL Wrestling in Queensland - days before PROWL's February show in Ipswich, QLD.

When did you start watching wrestling?

I remember being in sixth grade and someone brought in a few of the old WWF magazines, and one of them was a Spotlight on Hawk and Animal. They were the first from memory that really jumped off the pages, up until then I had no idea pro wrestling existed. From there I was lucky the local video store had a big shelf of tapes, bought a few magazines here and there.

Who were some of your favourites growing up?

Hulk Hogan was the man, at least when I was watching the old videos. Not having internet and up to date programming, I was watching 80s stuff on the tapes in the early 90s, when Hulk was kinda being phased out of the WWF. But those tapes I watched were Hogan as the undisputed king of the WWF. I gravitated towards the guys that got me interested in the first place, such as the Legion of Doom. Guys like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Andre the Giant - there were so many.

Why did you start PROWL?

I was a small kid in school when I first discovered wrestling, and as I mentioned earlier, I was watching all the 80s stuff, when if a wrestler wasn't at least 250-300 pounds, he wasnt in the hunt for an upper card push. So I never seriously envisioned myself ever being a wrestler. I remember renting a video, I think it was one of the old Supertapes, and they had a "fan requested match" from someone purported to be from Melbourne. Whether this fan really existed, I dont know. But when they said it was someone from Melbourne who requested a match for the tape, I got the idea that maybe there was a shot for me to start my own company, and be Vince McMahon, etc.

When I found out about Australian wrestling and ECW in high school, that really accelerated my thoughts about starting a wrestling company. AWF was the first Australian company I really got interested in, because they were going the Psychoticslam shows with Sabu, Marty Jannetty, Chris Candido and Sunny, Gladiator Vulkan, etc. That was a big deal for me to not only discover there was a local wrestling fraternity, but they're bringing out people I had seen on these tapes.

ECW was a big influence, first I saw was a Cactus Jack compilation, with matches against Sabu, who I became a big fan of after watching that tape. The whole aura of ECW intrigued me. Here was a company that didnt have the bright lights and big stars of WWF and WCW as I was accustomed to, but had a rabid audience, the action was fast and furious, and was a little more close to reality then some of the goofiness you saw in WWF and WCW (especially as the early 90s tapes rolled in).

So to summarise, in looking at companies like AWF and ECW, there was a glimmer of hope that perhaps one day I could start my own company, and that wrestling wasnt necessarily all about million dollar production and jacked up superstars.

What role has Jason Frost played in the creation of PROWL?

I know this is breaking "kayfabe" but Jason is one of my best friends in life. He helped out a lot when many people put us down and didnt credit us with even getting to our first show. Jason still stuck with us, even though he never wrestled he had done training with companies like XSE, so he taught those rudimentary basics and psychology to guys like Rip Reilly and Silver Dragon. He was honest in telling the guys there was only so much he could teach, so then we reached out to interstate talent, guys like Jake Nova also came into the fold. Later we had guys like Tama Williams and Mimic do seminars on the day of the shows. There was a lot that happened because of Jason, and I will always be thankful and appreciative.

How do you feel PROWL's first year went on the whole?

Started shaky, finished on a higher note. The more experienced guys that have come over like Mason Childs, Josh Haze etc have helped out a lot in the standard of training and the matches so we finished the year much stronger then at the beginning.

What has been your favourite match in PROWL so far?

I actually liked the first main event we had, between Jake Nova and Jordan James. It was quite heated, Jake took some great bumps, Jordan was actually over! Just a shame about the table, I think its on Botchamania or somewhere on Youtube.

I also liked the triple threat from Back in Black I think it was, Phoenix versus Jake Nova versus Seth Gunner. It was a last minute addition, and it came off pretty well.

More recently, I liked Mark Davis against Josh Haze, and not to jinx it, but really keen to see the triple threat at Ipswich between Davis, Robbie Eagles and Mitch McCarthy.

If you could book any international talent - money aside - who would you book?

Tough question, I'm not sure to be honest. I would have liked to have booked Kijimuna against Mason. To be honest I'm not really sure because international talent hasn't really been on my agenda.

Interview conducted by Chris Dalgleish.

August 2012

It's been a while.

For those of you who've been waiting for my monthly two cents worth - I do apologise. I've had other commitments outside of wrestling that are eating up a lot of my spare time, and unfortunately restricting the amount of shows I can go to. The column will change from it's monthly review format - I'll be posting a bit more sporadically. To anyone who misses my feedback, . However a lot has happened since the last column so I think we'll have my two cents plus some interest!

Firstly - the biggest story of the last few months is probably the closure of PWA Queensland after five years. This is something that was surprising. Back in December I had said privately (and quite cynically) that it would be closed in six months. I was actually only two months off, and considering the lack of shows between January and May - I'd call that a correct tip. Don't get me wrong, I am saddened by the closure as I do have a lot of memories with the promotion. From discovering the debut show with the Rise of the Warriors tournament and Chris Hero just in time to make arrangements to watch it - to starting my wrestling training and being taught by Chris Hero, Shadow Phoenix as well as resident trainers Mason Childs and Esteban Molina. My brief six month refereeing career. The promotion also did a lot for the state and even country, with the amount of talent that has gone through there. In mid-2010 promoter Mason Childs sold to Andrew Venables (who's statement on the closure I've posted in the news section). Mid 2010 was also the time I came back to wrestling after a two year sabbatical. From what I saw things were in a worse state with PWAQ than when I disappeared during the company's prime. I came back to a very good Rise of the Warriors tournament (Rise V), a woeful show in Ipswich (which did have a very good 45 minute draw between Mason and Steve Moore, as well as Josh Haze and Seoul in a sleeper hit), an October cancellation, the Queensland leg of the mess that was the Luke Gallows tour, Mason's retirement match which was a pearler of a match on an otherwise ordinary show, a convention show and then a four month break.

They came back in May this year for the sixth Rise tournament and split into two brands. The "Revolution" shows were steady and I was actually getting into them in recent months. They were booking some really good matches and had some really intriguing storylines going. Then there was the "Smashmouth" shows which from all reports were awful. I never actually made it to one personally. Which brings to another issue that no one seemed to think about. Oversaturation. All in all though, I think the main cause of the closure was the politics. The fact that it appeared the promotion made no money may have contributed too. (Crowds of 70ish for an international must do something to the budget). The booking was done by Mason Childs, the promoting was done by Andrew Venables. In that sort of arrangement, on this scale - any conflict or counterproductivity can easily tear things apart.

Secondly - a week later, PROWL went on hiatus. I actually refereed the PROWL show the weekend PWAQ closed and have been involved in some of the management and creative process. Another reason why I've been hesitant to do another Neutral Corner - because that position really jeapordises the "Neutral" concept. However as a rational human being I think I can manage to remain objective. The reason given by promoter Greg Prowse was personal health. PROWL should be back in the near future though. The last show was received to mixed feedback. Highlights included my refereeing (hang on, objective...), Steele and Creed vs Mitch Cutting and David D'Angelos, AJ Istria vs (The) Chad Skyze and Warship vs Josh Haze. Josh ended Warship's 11 month reign as PROWL Heavyweight Champion. Warship beat Mason Childs for the belt and has defended it against names like Jade Diamond, Del Taurino, Mystery and Crazy Train across Queensland and Western Australia. The Hulk title was vacated to The Maniac being injured. Kyote defeated Mike Massive for it after Massive qualified by beating Rip Rielly earlier in the night. Storm also remained undefeated as she beat Michelle Hasluck.

AWA also ran their show 'Hasta La Vista' in June in which Jesse Daniels defeated Esteban Molina for the AWA Heavyweight title. This is Jesse's first title. The show was to be Esteban's last in Queensland as he returned to the United States after calling Australia home for a few years. From that show - special mention must go to Storm vs Harley Wonderland. Easily the best women's match I've seen live.

GWE have been running studio tapings for their upcoming show on Briz 31 community television and as I type this - they have done two. The product looks to be really well put together and I am quite impressed. Last night I only caught the latter half of the show and I was blown away. I won't give too much away because they are tapings and should be airing at some point in the future, but I definitely recommend making the trip for them. While Bundamba (Ipswich) is a great position for me - understandably not so much for most Queensland wrestling fans. From what I've heard their training school is also very good and definitely worth getting into for the budding wrestler or even the experienced wrestler with nothing to do since two promotions closed down.

In other news - this Thursday (the 30th) WWE will be touring and running in Brisbane.

That's a wrap of the last couple of months in Queensland (apologies to QCW, IPW and HSW fans). I'm not sure when I'll be back with another column, but rest assured I'm not hanging up the keyboard just yet. I've got my first live WWE show to rant about! Be sure to like AustralianWrestling.org on Facebook for all the updates to the site (getting there!), NHB Girls for all the latest in women's wrestling and Australian Indy Wrestling for the best coverage on the net! Feel free to hit me up via Facebook (Chris Dalgleish) if you want to get in contact with me or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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